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Health Canada doesn't share FDA concern over homeopathic teething remedies


OTTAWA - Health Canada doesn't share the same concerns as the Food and Drug Administration when it comes to homeopathic teething remedies, the Canadian health agency announced Thursday.

"At this time, there is no indication of a similar safety concern in Canada," the agency stated in a release to Canadian citizens. "We continue to follow up with Canadian manufacturers and the FDA, and to assess all available information. Should the Department determine that there is a safety concern involving products sold in Canada, we will take action and inform Canadians as appropriate."


There are several homeopathic teething products authorized in Canada, manufactured by different companies and available in multiple formats including gels, tablets and liquids. Health Canada has received 11 Canadian adverse reaction reports involving a variety of these products since their sale: three that were serious but were confirmed, following an assessment, to be unrelated to the product; seven that were not serious; and one that was an allergic reaction that was determined to be possibly linked to the product.

No deaths associated with homeopathic teething products have been reported in Canada.

Parents and caregivers with questions or concerns about teething products should speak to a healthcare practitioner, and should seek immediate medical care if their child reacts unusually after using these products.


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