Health Mart expands into private-label allergy offerings for its independent base


SAN FRANCISCO — With allergy season in full swing, Health Mart, a network of more than 2,900 independently owned pharmacies, on Monday announced the expansion of its Health Mart private-label line of over-the-counter healthcare products with the introduction of upper respiratory products.

“Pharmacists play a key role in helping consumers make appropriate purchase decisions about products for respiratory issues associated with allergies, colds and the flu," stated Matt Lowe, VP retail marketing for McKesson, which owns Health Mart. "Even with OTC products, consumers regularly seek advice from their pharmacist on drug interactions and to discuss symptoms, with nearly [one-third] of patients asking for a specific product recommendation,” he said. “As the largest OTC category, it was very important to offer high-quality upper respiratory products that continue to reinforce the value and personalized care our customers have come to expect from their trusted Health Mart pharmacist.”

Designed to help community pharmacies build closer consumer relationships and raise awareness of the pharmacist’s role as a community healthcare provider, the Health Mart private label was launched in November 2011 with diabetes care products. Additional healthcare categories will continue to be added throughout 2012.


According to the Nielsen, upper respiratory products represent a $4 billion category and have grown more than 3% over the past year. With allergy products showing strong growth, upper respiratory products represent more than 15% of total sales in the top 20 health and beauty product categories.

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