launches Web site with “sick pack” offers


HOLLYWOOD, Calif. on Tuesday announced the launch of its web portal,, a site that will broker the sale of “sick packs,” a collection of brand-named products that address a general condition.

“So many of us have had the horrible experience of going on vacation or being on a business trip, getting sick and not having a drug store or pharmacy available, and wishing we had packed the right supplies,” stated Dean Jofffe, founder of the new online retailer, explaining that his company is targeting a pantry-loading purchase as opposed to a need-driven trip.

A single sick pack is the size of a folded t-shirt, he said, and include remedies for stomach ache, flu, cough and cold, rash, allergy, menstrual and PMS, and hang-over sick packs.

The packs range in price from $18.98 to $34.98 and contain name brand, over-the-counter medications with educational information about the particular illness so consumers are informed about the illnesses, he added.

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