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At Home Viniferamine launches line of hospital-grade skin care kits


NAPLES, Fla. - At Home Viniferamine on Thursday announced the introduction of At Home Viniferamine skin care kits, a line of hospital-grade skin care to help facilitate caregiver ease and convenience.

The line incudes eight skin care kits, each priced below $20, to help caregivers provide skin and wound care. The kits include specialized products, as well as educational booklets that allow caregivers to continue skin and wound care treatment protocols used in care facilities.

Specific skin care issues are addressed by each kit, including diabetic skin care, chronic dry skin care, fragile skin bruising care and antifungal skin care. The kits include two specialized products for each skin care need, and the front of the cartons display a clinical image to help caregivers recognize the specific issue addressed by the kit.

According to a recent study, approximately 39.8 million family caregivers provide care for adults with disabilities or illnesses (16.6% Americans).


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