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IdeaVillage introduces SlimShots dietary supplement aid


WAYNE, N.J. IdeaVillage Products on Wednesday announced the launch of its SlimShots, a dietary supplement diet aid formulated with the European weight management emulsion Fabuless.

Fabuless is a patented blend of natural oat and palm extracts in water. “It is believed that the emulsion is digested at a slower rate than typical foods, allowing it to penetrate deeply into the last part of the intestinal system, the ileum,” stated Ron Boger, executive vice president of SlimShots. “At this stage of digestion, satiety hormones are released and the brain receives a message of fullness. This mechanism, called the ‘ileal brake,’ is what helps you eat less,” he said.

“All too often, people deprive themselves of food, lose weight, but then revert to the eating habits that caused their weight gain,” stated Ron Boger, executive vice president of SlimShots. “Repeated weight loss and weight regain takes a toll on a person physically and mentally. With SlimShots, the individual simply eats less and can do so on day one of using the product, enabling a more effortless weight management and the breaking of the ‘yo-yo’ effect.”

In a double blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, participants using the Fabuless emulsion ate up to 30 percent less every day when compared with those who didn’t use the emulsion, the company reported.

Available in convenient single-shots that look like a dairy creamer, SlimShots feature a creamy liquid delivery system with a vanilla flavoring that can be taken alone or added to yogurt, cereals, meal replacement shakes, soup and even coffee. With a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $39.99 for a 30-shot supply, SlimShots is recommended for breakfast and four hours later, with lunch, if desired.

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