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Insight Pharmaceuticals launches Sucrets ICE


LANGHORNE, Pa. Insight Pharmaceuticals on Tuesday launched Sucrets ICE—frozen single-use packages that offer relief from sore throats, the company announced.

“Parents will no longer have to struggle with their children to get them to take their sore throat medicine or worry about the potential for choking on a traditional lozenge,” stated Mickael Tukdarian, vice president and general manager, Insight Pharmaceuticals. “Sucrets ICE is delivered as fruit-flavored ice—a form that children are familiar with and enjoy.”

Sucrets ICE contains the active ingredients menthol and pectin and  also includes echinacea and zinc.

Available in grape and pomegranate flavors, each package of Sucrets ICE comes with six single-use pouches that freeze in an hour.  The product is being marketed for adults and children 3 years of age and older.

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