IntraVera to launch BruiseMD product at 2009 Natural Products Expo West


GLENDALE, Calif. IntraVera Worldwide will be launching its BruiseMD product at the 2009 Natural Products Expo West, the company announced. BruiseMD will be available in tablets, cream, gel and as an analgesic balm.

The oral version of BruiseMD features natural plant extracts, including pineapple and papaya. The topical versions feature Arnica Montana, a natural ingredient used to heal bruises in combination with topical analgesics for pain relief.

“Every day, nearly 350,000 Americans suffer a new bruise,” stated Raymond Ealy, president and CEO. “There is a pressing consumer need for a product that specifically treats bruises.”

“BruiseMD will speed up the healing process of all three types of bruises: subcutaneous bruises, or those beneath the skin; intramuscular bruises, those within the underlying muscle; and periosteal, or bone bruises, the most severe and painful,” reported James Caillouette, co-founder and board member of IntraVera Worldwide. "Until now, doctors and pharmacists could only recommend the use of pain relievers to treat bruises. These products can decrease bruise pain, but do nothing to heal the bruise.”

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