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Jack Distribution recalls ED supplements


POMPANO BEACH, Fla. Jack Distribution, along with its wholesale distributors G & N works and Devine Distribution, earlier this month announced a voluntary nationwide recall of certain lot numbers of the company’s supplement products sold under the brand names Rize 2 The Occasion and Rose 4 Her.

A Food and Drug Administration lab analysis in 2007 that found that the products contain thiomethisosildenafil, an analog of sildenafil, the active ingredient of an FDA-approved drug indicated for erectile dysfunction, prompted the recall, the company reported.

The company advises that any unused portions from these lot numbers be returned to the place of purchase for a full refund of purchase price. G & N Works and Devine Distribution are not shipping any Rize 2 or Rose 4 Her that is in stock while additional samples are being tested, they expect to begin shipping again within one month.

“[Jack Distribution] is reviewing the procedures and policies of all firms involved with the manufacture of the product to ensure that there will be no future issues with regard to Rize 2 and Rose 4 Her pills composition,” the company stated. “[We are] working closely with the FDA in the recall process and [are] committed to the quality and integrity of [our] products.”

Rize 2 and Rose 4 Her are sold in adult stores, vitamin & nutrition shops, convenience stores, and via the Internet nationwide.

The Rize 2 lot numbers include CG-84 expires 11/10, GD-98 expires 08/10, CC-06 expires 06/10, 709 expires 09/10, CG-79 expires 11/10. The Rose 4 Her lot number includes CG-78 expires 11/10.

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