J&J unveils two interactive experiences showcasing 130 years of healthcare innovation


NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Johnson & Johnson on Monday launched Johnson & Johnson Our Story at the Powerhouse and Johnson & Johnson Our Story to take visitors on a journey through time and around the world as they explore the stories behind more than 130 years of innovations that have changed the course of human health.

"Today, we are opening a remarkable new door on the more than 130 year story of Johnson & Johnson," stated Alex Gorsky, chairman and CEO Johnson & Johnson. "Our heritage is more than just a look back at the past — how our products have profoundly impacted individuals, families and communities. It's a look at our present and future, too — a way to inspire and guide us to an even brighter and more meaningful future for Johnson & Johnson."

Johnson & Johnson Our Story at the Powerhouse is housed within the 1907-built Powerhouse—the oldest building on the company's global headquarters campus in New Brunswick, N.J. and an artifact in its own right.

Johnson & Johnson Our Story at the Powerhouse provides a multi-sensorial approach that allows each visitor to create his or her own experience through 11 distinct exhibits, including interactive timelines, a 3-D globe interface and a curated collection of artifacts dating back to the company's earliest days, such as the first mass-produced sterile sutures from 1886-1887, rare surgical instruments from the 19th century and the company's original Maternity Kits from the 1890s. The museum also features a rotating exhibit space, which will initially focus on medical innovations that were used during World War I.

A companion online experience, Johnson & Johnson Our Story (ourstory.jnj.com), draws visitors along a digital path of discovery through mixed-media narratives, intuitive navigation and attention-grabbing visuals. Johnson & Johnson Our Story will be updated and augmented periodically with additions to the digital archives, new narrative deep dives into key events and themes, and fresh, engaging content highlighting how Johnson & Johnson is improving the health and lives of people around the world.    

Margaret Gurowitz, Johnson & Johnson's chief historian, spent more than 20 years documenting every aspect of the company's history, reviewing thousands of artifacts and images in the company's archives, as well as those submitted by past and present employees and consumers and collectors from around the world.

"Our exhibits are designed to showcase the entirety of our rich and diverse history and we expect that visitors will come away with a better understanding of the true scope of Johnson & Johnson's contributions," Gurowitz said. "While we certainly feature vintage family favorites like Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages and Johnson's Baby products, our historic and iconic advertising and even a scent booth experience that will take you back to childhood, we also highlight pharmaceutical, surgical and medical device innovations."   



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