Kemeta completes first test of fat metabolism monitor


MESA, Ariz. Kemeta on Tuesday announced the successful completion of its first clinical testing of their Fat Burn Monitor, a monitor that measures a person’s fat metabolism immediately after exercise by measuring acetone on the breath.

“The Kemeta product allows our patients to monitor their daily progress, providing the needed immediate feedback to keep them motivated to continue their weight management regimen,” stated John Hernried, Obesity Treatment Center Medical Group medical director and principal investigator on the project.

The 11-week IRB-approved study showed that individuals can receive an immediate indication of their fat burn rate by simply blowing into the Kemeta device. The study also showed a greater-than-90-percent correlation of the Fat Burn Monitor to the Gas Chromatograph, an industry standard bench-top tool used for breath analysis.

The device functions by measuring the concentration of the chemical acetone in the breath. Acetone is produced as fat is metabolized in the body. The simple non-invasive acetone measurement allows the user to track the success of their weight management program.

“This initial study with the OTCMG indicates the efficacy of our technology,” stated Barb Landini, Kemeta vice president of research and development and clinical testing.

The product is expected to reach front-end retailers sometime in 2009, the company stated.

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