KY Duration develops endurance workout with Kore NYC


PARSIPPANY, N.J. — RB on Monday paired its K-Y Duration Spray for Men, a personal lubricant that helps men last longer, with Kore NYC, a leader in the small group fitness space. The two have joined forces to develop a co-branded, 30-minute express workout class: the Kore x K-Y Endurance Challenge. The stamina based class will help New Yorkers boost their endurance, improve their confidence and increase caloric and fat burn, all while helping tone the entire body.

"Endurance is a huge part of what we strive to achieve at Kore with our unique workout method," stated Jessica Bolbach, founder of Kore NYC. "The endurance we're helping our clients build isn't just for the class itself – it can also positively impact other aspects of their day to day lives," she said. "We see an incredible synergy between K-Y Duration and Kore as our goals are ultimately the same: it's all about building endurance and deepening your connections – with your partner, your mind and your body."

"The Kore x K-Y Endurance Challenge will help consumers push themselves to gain the extra stamina needed to last longer for their partner," said Elyse Altabet, sexual wellbeing senior brand manager, RB. "Whether it be in the bedroom, at the gym or throughout our daily routine, endurance is the cornerstone to a stronger relationship and healthier sex life."

Knowing that when couples last longer during intercourse they ultimately can enjoy a more pleasurable intimacy experience, K-Y launched K-Y Duration Spray for Men in September of 2016. K-Y Duration Spray for Men is formulated with lidocaine.


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