Lansinoh Momma bottle with NaturalWave peristaltic nipple makes its debut


ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Lansinoh is expanding its Momma bottle brand to aid mothers' breast-feeding routines.

The new Momma bottle featuring the NaturalWave peristaltic nipple is designed to reduce potential nipple confusion in babies where the breast-feeding relationship already has been established, Lansinoh said. The bottle's patented nipple, Lansinoh said, encourages the same process used by babies to remove milk from their mother (known as peristaltic movement) and helps babies seamlessly shift from the breast to the bottle and back by maintaining familiarity with natural breast-feeding patterns.

In addition to facilitating extended breast-feeding, the NaturalWave peristaltic nipple also:

  • Has a wide, rounded nipple base which encourages a wider latch-on, similar to how babies latch naturally, and therefore promotes oral, facial, and jaw development;

  • Is made of super-soft and flexible 100% silicone that is lined internally with specially designed grooves that are made to optimally compress and control milk flow;

  • Has a hassle-free design with minimal parts that saves mom time;

  • Is available in slow, medium, and fast flow to meet baby’s changing needs;

  • Features an AVS Air Ventilation System that reduces the intake of gas, a potential cause of colic or spit up; and

  • Is BPA-free.

"When milk flows too quickly or easily out of a common, artificial nipple, there's a risk that breastfed babies will opt to use the 'easier' method, and might start to prefer the artificial nipple over mom," said Gina Ciagne, certified lactation counselor and senior director for professional relations at Lansinoh. "We want to ensure that breast-feeding continues as long as possible, even if mom and baby are apart. Our NaturalWave peristaltic nipple encourages the baby to draw the milk out using the same oral and tongue movements as when breast-feeding, controlling the flow with a series of sucks and pauses, making this an option specially designed for breast-feeding moms."

The Lansinoh Momma bottle featuring the NaturalWave peristaltic nipple is available at Walmart (in store and online), Target (in store and online), and more.

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