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LifeStyles launch thins out namesake brand

Sexual health company LifeStyles is growing its flagship brand with the launch of LifeStyles Zero. The product is the thinnest natural rubber latex condom design in the brand’s offerings, LifeStyles said.

LifeStyles Zero is designed to be 52% thinner than its top-selling LifeStyles Extra Strength condom. The company said it was aimed at improving sensation for users. To accompany the launch and highlight the empowerment the company said comes from the feeling of closeness given by the product. The Dare to Be Closer campaign highlights situations that can strengthen relationships and build intimacy.

“Much like our Skyn range paved the way as the first latex-free polyisoprene condoms, Zero will revolutionize the latex condom category by offering maximum sensation,” said Jeyan Heper, CEO of LifeStyles. “Staying protected cannot and should not require a compromise on sensation, individuality or connection as a couple. We’re proud to be zeroing in on this issue and closing the gap.”

LifeStyles Zero are available nationwide in drug, grocery and convenience retailers, as well as
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