London Drugs anticipates greater demand for pharmacy-provided flu shots


RICHMOND, British Columbia  - London Drugs last week announced the availability of this year's influenza vaccine for Canadian consumers in anticipation of a greater demand.

"Now more than ever, busy Canadian families are taking advantage of pharmacies as an accessible and convenient alternative to public flu clinics, where they may have experienced long lines and wait times in previous years," stated Jason Chan-Remillard, pharmacy manager at London Drugs. "People want to protect themselves and their families against the flu but they want to come in and get it done at a time that suits them at a location close and convenient for them. Pharmacies have long hours, there are many locations and it's a very simple process to protect yourself, and others, against influenza."

London Drugs Certified Injection Pharmacists can provide the flu shot vaccination to adults as well as children 9 years old and over in Alberta and Saskatchewan, to children 7 years old and over in Manitoba and to children 5 years old and over in British Columbia.

"Being proactive and prepared is the key to prevention," Chan-Remillard added. "By getting the vaccination early in the season, as well as taking some simple and healthy preventative actions, you not only protect yourself, but you protect others because you are less likely to spread the flu."

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