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M Pharmaceutical acquires ToConceive personal lubricant


VANCOUVER, British Columbia - M Pharmaceutical earlier this week closed its previously announced agreement to acquire from ToConceive the rights to an FDA-approved personal lubricant, used  as a natural conception lubricant and as an infertility treatment.

“In 2010 the Nobel Prize in Medicine for In Vitro Fertilization emphasized the importance of Sperm Capacitation - the process when a women’s natural conception lubrication, transudate, dissolves the immobilizing cholesterol from the sperm and creates an enzyme to allow the sperm to fertilize the ovum - for successful conception," noted Gary Thompson, CEO M Pharma USA. "This essential capacitation step is inadequate or missing in many couples due to the women’s limited production of transudate," he said.

“This acquisition is our entry into the women’s health market to complement our existing obesity portfolio and has a 510K FDA clearance, is protected by four USPTO patents, and is clinically proven to increase a women’s production of transudate," Thompson added. "This increase in transudate results in significantly higher success rates for couples trying to conceive without the added expense, or stress, associated with assisted reproduction treatments.”

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