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Mark of Fitness changes name, relocates


NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. Mark of Fitness on Tuesday announced that it will be changing its name to Nissei USA and relocating its headquarters North Brunswick, N.J.

The transition will gradual, taking place over the course of this calendar year, the company stated. In an effort not to lose the brand equity of Mark of Fitness, the company will carry the moniker Nissei USA/Mark of Fitness with the goal of switching to Nissei USA by the end of the year.

Mark of Fitness is changing its name in an effort to bring a closer identification with its parent company, Nihon Seimitsu Sokki. “The Mark of Fitness name was sometimes confusing,” acknowledged Nissei USA/Mark of Fitness vice president and chief operating officer Steve Ray. “Nissei is a global business and we will be part of the company’s effort to develop and extend the Nissei brand name.”

Going forward, Nissei-USA will be introducing new blood pressure monitoring products under the Nissei brand. However, the company will continue to offer the Prevention and Mark of Fitness brand products and will also continue to offer private label products.

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