Matrixx announces plans to enter antacid market with Xcid


NEW YORK Matrixx revealed plans to enter the antacid market with a product called Xcid early in 2009 Wednesday, during the Roth Conference Presentation held here. According to the company, the acid neutralizing category is currently measured at around $500 million.

Xcid, featuring "from the makers of Zicam" on the packaging, will contain maximum strength quantities of calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide in a liquid format and will be launched with three flavors. Liquid antacids are considered highly efficacious among consumers, Carl Johnson, Matrixx president and chief executive officer, said, but there aren’t many good-flavored products currently on the market.

Matrixx will also be entering the oral care market in 2009, and will potentially target the analgesic sector for future product development.

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