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Matrixx considering partnership with other OTC companies to release Zicare and Xcid


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. Matrixx Initiatives is exploring partnering with other over-the-counter companies on the national roll out of its Zicare oral care product and Xcid antacid.

“We continue to explore the possibility of partnering with other parties on both of those projects,,” Bill Hemelt, Matrixx acting president, CFO and COO, told analysts last week. “As we've said before, we don't want to move forward on them by ourselves because of the significant risks associated with that,” he said. “Xcid was a disappointment. … We did roll it out on a limited basis this past year, but it did not meet our expectations. Not because it's a bad product, it just simply will require greater investment to take that nationally. So we are exploring partnership possibilities for both of those projects.”

Both products are “market ready,” Hemelt said, replete with consumer research and product research.

Zicare, when used in conjunction with a daily oral routine, helps dissolve up to 30% of visible tartar that has already formed and helps inhibit future tartar formation above the gumline, according to the product web site. Zicare is a gel that is applied at the gumline and between the teeth after brushing and before bed.

Xcid is an antacid featuring a unique delivery form — a creamy pudding-like gel available in three flavors: strawberry, orange and chocolate.

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