Metabolife introduces two-stage program, online support services


NEW YORK Metabolife is making its way back to retail shelves with a new two-stage supplement program and online support services. The program includes the newly reformulated flagship Metabolife Ultra and four other products to help support weight-management efforts.

“Metabolife is all new and features a revolutionary two-stage, easy-to-manage program that includes five products, new services, new packaging, a new Web site, and an online community support system to help people lose weight and maintain success,” stated Niki Simoneaux, director of brand marketing for Metabolife.

Stage one products include Metabolife Ultra, a formula that helps burn fat, curb hunger and boost energy; Metabolife Caffeine Free, to help reduce body fat and curb appetite without caffeine; and Metabolife Green Tea, which provides the added health benefits of green tea extract.

The second stage of the Metabolife program includes two new products, Metabolife Break Through and Metabolife Extreme Energy. Metabolife Break Through is a new patent-pending nutritional supplement containing a proprietary combination of nutrients shown to maintain full metabolic effect for at least eight weeks after initial weight loss, helping counteract the body’s natural tendency to keep unhealthy fat. Metabolife Extreme Energy contains a proprietary blend of Guarana extract, Asian ginseng extract, Green tea extract, Yerba Mate extract, Eleuthero extract, Rhodiola extract and Theanine that work together to help increase energy, improve mental alertness and increase metabolism.

Metabolife’s other new product, AquaSlim, is a ready-to-drink formulation with CitriMax and 148 mg of calcium per serving.In support of the new products, packaging and program, Metabolife is launching an advertising campaign entitled “You Deserve” that includes broadcast, print and online executions as part of an extensive re-branding effort.

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