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Midway launches b4 hand sanitizer, pledges to donate half of profits to children's charities


HOUSTON — In an effort to help parents combat germs that children may come in contact with on airline tray tables, public bathrooms, hotel remotes, touch screen kiosks and more, Midway developed a highly effective germ-fighting hand sanitizer and packaged the gel — called b4 — in small, single-use packets that are easy to carry in a wallet, pocket or small purse.  

While the bold gel packet colors are fun for children and adults, the real b4 bonus comes down to charity — 50% of profits from the sale of b4 go toward children-focused causes.

"We realized during the economic downturn a few years ago that when money is tight, so is charitable giving," stated Jonathan Brinsden, CEO of Midway. "We saw funds dry up at many local charities supported through our Midway Foundation, and we felt the need to create a revenue source for charity through a product people will always have a need to use."

To date, The Midway Foundation has donated more than $1.2 million to more than 150 organizations.

The b4 hand sanitizer packets are sold in a 25-count box, 50-count box, an 8-oz. pump bottle and a five-count blister pack. Boxes are sold online for $3 for the blister pack, $3.99 for a 25-count box to $5.99 for a 50-count box, while the pump bottle retails for $3.50.

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