NAD recommends Removyl to discontinue certain advertising claims


NEW YORK The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus on Tuesday recommended that Removyl Corp. discontinue weight-loss claims in advertising for the Removyl Advanced Formula dietary supplement products, including: “Recent studies have shown that the combination of 13 known essential oils prevents fat from building in the body by stimulating the body to break it down and eliminate it on a daily basis;” “It is possible to lose up to 2 lbs. per day in the first three weeks, without any effort;” and “You are going to notice that your weight will have dropped by almost 1 lb. in as little as 8 hours.”

In this case, the NAD noted, the advertiser relied solely on studies on green tea extracts, not on the advertised product Removyl (the essential oils), to support its advertising claims. However, the NAD determined that none of the cited green tea studies supported the specific weight-loss claims being made.

Further, the NAD determined that there was insufficient evidence in the record to support rapid weight-loss claims. While there was limited evidence that certain ingredients in Removyl are recognized as possessing diuretic and laxative properties, there was no evidence that the amounts of these ingredients contained in Removyl would have such effects, and none of the evidence rose to the level that would support specific fast weight-loss claims. The NAD recommended that claims suggesting rapid weight loss be discontinued.

In response to the NAD’s opening letter, Removyl informed the NAD that it has suspended all advertising purchases for Removyl Advanced Formula, and that no further advertising would be booked in the future until the the NAD's review was complete.

The company, in its advertiser’s statement, added that it has not offered the product for sale since April, although it has shipped remaining orders.

The review is a part of the NAD’s ongoing monitoring program in conjunction with the NAD’s initiative with the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

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