Natrol launches vitamin supplement


CHATSWORTH, Calif. Natrol on Thursday launched Fish Oil + Vitamin D3, a combination of nutrients for overall health and immunity. The supplement is formulated as a softgel to be taken once daily at an average suggested retail price of $16.99.

The company cited recent scientific studies that have shown vitamin D3 — the vitamin that the body manufactures from sunlight — to be beneficial for aiding overall health, including bone health, immunity support and cellular protection in both men and women, and especially for middle-age and older adults, as the genesis for combining the two ingredients.

Commonly known for their heart health and bone health benefits, fish oil (omega-3 fats) and vitamin D have recently been studied for their cellular activity and abilities to promote breast health, colon health and prostate health, Natrol added. At the cellular level, research shows that omega-3 fats are the building blocks for cellular membranes.

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