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Nature’s Bounty announces Healthy You, Healthy Earth home makeover sweepstakes


RONKONKAMA, N.Y. Nature’s Bounty recently announced its Healthy You, Healthy Earth Sweepstakes, which is designed to raise awareness around “green” living.

The grand prize of the sweepstakes is a $10,000 “green” home makeover, along with more than 1,000 other instant-win prizes.

The Healthy You, Healthy Earth Sweepstakes is part of Nature’s Bounty’s on-going commitment to being a good steward of the planet, the company stated. “As a maker of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements, Nature’s Bounty utilizes only the most environmentally friendly sources and processes to provide health conscious people with top-quality products, manufactured, packaged and shipped in ways that promote the well-being of both the consumer and the earth,” the company said. 

NBTY, parent company of Nature’s Bounty, was recognized this past fall by the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership as a Business Leader for Energy Efficiency, thanks in part to a 35-year heritage of seeking greener alternatives in the manufacture and distribution of dietary supplements.

Nature’s Bounty’s green initiatives started more than three decades ago when they began using recyclable plastic bottles, the supplement manufacturer stated. Since then, PETE and HDPE bottles, two 100-percent recyclable plastic formulations, have been used to package more than 300 products. Recycled “pellets” from these bottles are so versatile that they end up being reused in clothing, carpets and even other product packages.

“Recycling initiatives are just one part of Nature’s Bounty’s ‘going greener’ efforts,” commented Kimberly O’Connell, marketing director for Nature’s Bounty, at the time of the NEEP recognition. Nature’s Bounty participates in its “Healthy You, Healthy Earth” campaign to give greater focus to environmental efforts, she noted. For example, the company partnered with both the Trees for the Future—an environmental organization that plants trees all around the world—and the Go Green Initiative, which focuses on educating children about the environment.

Trees for the Future has planted over 50 million trees, which removes approximately 1 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per year. Nature’s Bounty’s goal is to help them plant 1 million more trees by 2010.

Go Green Initiative programs are up and running in schools in every state, as well as Africa, Asia, Europe, Canada and Mexico. 

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