Nelsons introduces vasoconstrictor-free hemorrhoid cream

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Nelsons introduces vasoconstrictor-free hemorrhoid cream

By Michael Johnsen - 10/24/2013

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. — Nelsons on Thursday introduced Homeopathic H+Care Hemorrhoid Cream, a new hemorrhoid cream that provides relief from hemorrhoid pain, itching and burning without the use of vasoconstrictors. Vasoconstrictors can negatively affect other health issues like high blood pressure.

"There are literally millions of American's who suffer from hemorrhoids while managing high blood pressure," stated Katrina Eichenfeldt, Nelsons senior brand manager. "With no vasoconstrictors, H+care is an effective option for hemorrhoid relief," she said. "H+care also is free of steroids and anesthetics, ingredients that can sometimes exacerbate hemorrhoids symptoms and increase discomfort."

H+care Hemorrhoid Cream (suggested retail price $9.99) and H+care Hemorrhoid Wipes with Witch Hazel for pain relief (a package of 54 for $9.99) are now available at Walgreens stores nationwide, the company stated.