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New Azo product provides PMS relief


CROMWELL, Conn. — Amerifit Brands on Wednesday launched its Azo PMS product, which has been formulated to help reduce moodiness, irritability and bloating with a variety of ingredients, including high-potency B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, folic acid and two natural herbal blends, the company stated.

The two herbal blends include an antibloating herbal diuretic with buchu leaf, cornsilk stylus, couch grass hydrangea root, juniper berry and uva ursi leaf. The combination addresses such physical symptoms as bloating and water retention. The second herbal blend of Chinese date fruit, white peony root extract, chasteberry fruit extract, ginger root extract, cramp bark and magnolia bark extract works to address such emotional symptoms as moodiness and irritability.

Premenstrual syndrome refers to a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms that typically occur five to 11 days before a woman starts her monthly menstrual cycle, and at least 85% of menstruating women have at least one PMS symptom as part of their monthly cycle. While other products address the physical symptoms of PMS, Azo PMS has the added benefit of also reducing the emotional changes caused by hormonal fluctuations associated with PMS, Amerifit noted.

Azo PMS can be taken as needed (episodically) and does not have to be taken daily to be effective. Additionally, the formula is fast-acting, affording women quick relief. The suggested retail price of Azo PMS is $7.49 for 24 blister-sealed caplets.

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