New Elations formula delivers improved joint comfort


CINCINNATI According to a recent clinical study, newly-formulated Elations drink supplement with increased boron delivers improved joint comfort in as little as six days, the Elations Company stated Monday.

“By increasing the level of boron, which studies have shown helps to address some of the causes of joint discomfort, we are providing consumers a fast, safe, effective way to obtain improved comfort for their joints,” stated Robert Sarama, Elations Chief Scientist. “These benefits coupled with the benefits of glucosamine and chondroitin and an easily-absorbed, refreshing, convenient drinkable form, osteoarthritis sufferers are addressing the source of discomfort and creating building blocks for healthier, more flexible joints.”

The new Elations formula will replace the current Elations product on store shelves beginning in May 2009. The addition of boron will not affect the price of the product, the company stated.

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