New mobile app debuts from E.P.T.


LANGHORNE, Pa. — Insight Pharmaceuticals has launched a mobile application for its E.P.T. brand.

The new E.P.T. ovulation calculator features an easy-to-use interface that's designed to help users who are trying to get pregnant know when they are most fertile, or simply keep track of their menstrual cycle, the company said. The app — which currently is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and supports Apple iOS 5 — also comes with 35 fertility tips and is equipped to provide email or calendar reminders on the day before expected ovulation.

"As the first FDA-approved home pregnancy test available to consumers, E.P.T. has held an important role in the lives of many women by providing accurate results for 35 years," said Lauren Schulz, E.P.T. brand manager at Insight Pharmaceuticals. "Recognizing that today women are increasingly on-the-go and online, we wanted to provide a way where women can easily track their cycles and know the most optimal times to try to conceive — right at their fingertips."

The E.P.T. ovulation calculator app can be downloaded via the Apple iTunes app store.

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