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New Trojan 2GO provides discretion and protection


PRINCETON, N.J. Bringing a new dimension to the way people can buy and carry condoms, the makers of Trojan brand condoms recently introduced Trojan 2GO, a new condom two-pack in a thin, protective and discreet plastic case.

The new product, which is designed to stand-up to purses, pockets and backpacks, will be sold at the checkout counters of many food, drug and convenience retail locations, making Trojan 2GO both easy to carry and easy to purchase. The Trojan 2GO case can also be snapped into two halves for people planning to use only one condom, or if they want to give one to a friend. It's available in Her Pleasure Thinand Ultra Thin varieties.

"One of the main reasons people give for not using a condom is they didn't have one with them," said Jim Daniels, VP marketing for Trojan brand condoms. "The idea behind Trojan 2GO was to create a condom that was at once supremely portable and also easy to purchase. With this new innovation we can help men and women be better prepared anytime, anywhere."

To help raise awareness, Trojan 2GO is appearing in rock band Cobra Starship's latest music video, "Good Girls Go Bad," which features actress Leighton Meester. It's shown in a scene where two women in a speakeasy purchase the condoms before walking through the freezer and ending up at a secret party.

In addition to appearing in the MTV Music Award nominated video, Cobra Starship is endorsing the product's launch with exclusive VIP-only concerts in San Francisco and Chicago. Previously, the band and Trojan 2GO held performances in Los Angeles and New York.

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