NightWave improves breathing patterns to fight insomnia


PORTLAND, Ore. Coherence Resources last week launched a sleep-assisting device that helps its user adjust his or her breathing rhythm to a pattern that delivers natural sleep.

The NightWave Sleep Assistant facilitates a state of relaxation through a simple pre-sleep breathing routine guided by a soft blue light projected into the darkened bedroom. The luminance of the light slowly rises and falls. With eyes open, the user synchronizes his or her breathing with the wave of light as its movement becomes slower and slower. After a short time, the person falls asleep and NightWave shuts off.

“Our solution is for people who experience common insomnia due to stress, an overly active nervous system, restless thoughts, feelings of agitation, or jet lag,” stated Stephen Parsons, founder of Coherence Resources. “Unlike other sleep remedies, the NightWave is silent, requires no wires or masks, doesn’t have the side of effects of drugs, and in the long run is less expensive and more effective than herbal remedies or other supplements.”

Based on scientific research, traditional health practices and Yoga breathing techniques, proper breathing can improve sleep patterns. Deep breathing works well because it activates the parasympathetic branch of the involuntary nervous system causing a “relaxation response” in the body. Muscle tension drops, stress levels go down, heart rate variability becomes smooth, blood pressure normalizes, and mood becomes softer, the company stated.

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