Nordic Naturals, American Pregnancy Association team up to educate women on nutrition


WATSONVILLE, Calif. Nordic Naturals on Wednesday announced a partnership with the American Pregnancy Association, which includes APA’s endorsement of Nordic Naturals as the “the official omega-3” of their organization.

“We are convinced that our collaborative undertaking with APA will bring about increased education for women on the special role that omega fatty acids play in a new mother’s health along with the health of her baby,” stated Joar Opheim, CEO of Nordic Naturals. “Current studies consistently show that women of childbirth age in this country and Canada consume far too little of these essential nutrients in their diet.”

International nutrition organizations have concluded that pregnant and nursing women need a minimum of 300 mg [omega-3] each day to ensure healthy development of the child within, as well as to support mom’s physical and mental health pre and post-delivery.

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