NPF applauds FDA for targeting false cancer-cure claims


WASHINGTON The Natural Products Foundation on Thursday commended the Food and Drug Administration for cracking down on bogus cancer cure claims made by distributors of dietary supplement products.

“While I can’t comment on a particular case, I can say that we’ve always urged full enforcement of the law in regard to dietary supplements and other natural products,” stated Tracy Taylor, executive director of the foundation. “So if someone is making illegal claims, the FDA or the FTC needs to take action and the Natural Products Foundation is in full support,” she said. “I think it’s important to note from a broader perspective that the fact the FDA, or the FTC, for that matter, can exercise enforcement power is further evidence that the law—the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act—is working.”

Taylor noted that NPF is committed to truth in advertising and has several educational initiatives in place to ensure its members do not cross the line, she said. “Our goal is to make sure that these claims never get into print or on the Internet in the first place,” she said. To help augment the prevention of such claims, the foundation fields complaints from consumers and others about dietary supplement advertising “that crosses the legal line.”

“If a complaint is found to have merit by our legal review panel, we will take action, including potentially bringing the complaint to the appropriate regulatory agency,” Taylor said.

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