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Omron to partner with Microsoft HealthVault


BANNOCKBURN, Ill. Omron Healthcare earlier this week announced a strategic relationship to support Microsoft HealthVault, Microsoft’s consumer health platform, enabling two Omron blood pressure monitors (HEM-790IT & HEM-670-IT) and a pedometer (HJ-720ITC) to be compatible and share information within the platform.

“Omron is devoted to providing accurate and high quality products, and we strive to deliver the latest technologies available to help our customers lead a healthy lifestyle,” stated Bob Kondraske, chief operating officer, Omron Healthcare. “We are excited to combine our device capabilities with HealthVault’s offerings to maximize the use of Omron products, and to play an active role in health management for consumers.” 

It marks Omron as one of the first diagnostic players to introduce a telemedicine-ready device to the mass market. A spate of such products are expected to reach the market this fall after Continua Healthcare Alliance, the standards bearer for telemedicine across consumer products and services, introduces its telemedicine guidelines, which are expected to reach their final form in July. The Alliance’s certification program should be available by October.

Microsoft’s HealthVault enables users to find, collect and share health information over time.

Omron users have a choice between two downloadable options to connect compatible devices to the HealthVault platform—a 32 and 64-bit device driver. Individuals can install their preferred driver to access and manage their health information through a free web-based account that enables them to collect and store information, as well as share this information with family members and physicians. 

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