Pfizer Consumer Healthcare to refurbish after-school trolley in Albany, N.Y.


MADISON, N.J. — Pfizer Consumer Healthcare on Wednesday partnered with an Albany, N.Y., organization, the CURE Foundation, to refurbish a trolley to be used to shuttle area youth to and from after-school activities. Prior to the addition of this trolley, the program couldn’t accommodate all interested students due to lack of space on its buses.

The assistance is in the spirit of its Advil Congestion Relief tagline: “The right relief for the real problem.” CURE was selected as one of three winners in the Advil Congestion Relief Project contest, which asked consumers to share their congestion relief story for the chance to win a prize worth up to $30,000 for their community.

“We are passionate about providing the right relief for the real problem for consumers wherever they need it — from their noses to their communities,” said Kristin Shea, franchise lead, upper respiratory and allergy at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. “We’re excited that through the Advil Congestion Relief Project we’ve been able to help our consumers in communities around the country that were in need of congestion relief. In addition to partnering with CURE and providing transportation relief to the Albany community, we look forward to helping out in Dayton, Ohio and St. Louis in the coming weeks.”

In addition to Albany, N.Y., Advil Congestion Relief is helping the Police Athletic & Activities League in Dayton, Ohio, to alleviate congestion in a mentorship program facility for low-income, at-risk kids. The facility, which now accommodates 23 children at one time, will be expanded to create more space for approximately 70 children to take advantage of the program’s services. In St. Louis, Advil Congestion Relief is helping not-for-profit organization Kingdom House alleviate congestion in its offices by building an outdoor storage facility to clear up much needed space inside. The program, which provides a variety of services including childcare, food and clothing assistance and job training, now will have an expanded lobby and meeting areas to allow visitors more privacy.

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