PNG Gerolymatos introduces natural ear wax removal solution


NEW YORK PNG Gerolymatos on Tuesday launched its EARinse all-natural ear wax removal solution for preventing excess ear wax and infection into the U.S. market. "For years, consumers eager to remove excess ear wax have relied upon chemical cleansing solutions or ear swabs, which can lead to ear drum damage," stated Basil Theofanopoulos, managing director, North America, Gerolymatos. "We are pleased to provide U.S. consumers with an all-natural, room-temperature remedy to maintain ear cleanliness and help prevent ear infection."

Made from pure seawater harvested off the coast of St. Malo, France, EARinse is an all-natural hypertonic saline solution that cleanses the ear canal by dissolving ear wax in a comfortable, room-temperature spray. EARinse's patented flexible safety applicator is designed to adapt to the shape of the ear, guaranteeing gentle delivery of the product and safeguarding against damaging the ear drum. EARinse's organic seawater solution mimics the body's natural chemistry to help balance ear pressure and prevent infection, and can be used safely in combination with other treatments.

EARinse is the second product offered by PNG Gerolymatos in the United States, following the introduction of Breathe Again nasal spray, an all-natural seawater nasal spray in the U.S.

EARinse is available at major retailers nationwide such as Albertson's, CVS, Duane Reade, Pathmark Supermarkets, Price Chopper, Weis Markets and Walgreens, Gerolymatos reported.

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