Q&A: Avrio Health positions itself as a forward-thinking consumer health company

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Q&A: Avrio Health positions itself as a forward-thinking consumer health company

Avrio Health sells consumer health products and pioneers the delivery of self-care and wellness solutions that champion a healthier tomorrow. Drug Store News spoke with Avrio Health’s president and general manager Carrie Chomak about what’s planned for the future.

Drug Store News: What is Avrio Health’s backstory and what is the company’s mission?
Carrie Chomak: “Avrio,” meaning “tomorrow” in Greek, combined with “health” is a testament to our forward-thinking nature and focus on innovation. Avrio Health launched in 2018, and we hit the ground running to provide the next generation of accessible health products and experiences to improve the lives of our consumers.

With a mission to deliver self-care solutions that advance health, our team is committed to exploring cutting-edge technology and novel initiatives that challenge conventional thinking. We are entrepreneurial in spirit, strategic in our pursuit and unafraid to move forward with speed.

DSN: What makes your company unique? What are your differentiating factors?
CC: In a constantly evolving market, our company understands the importance of not only rethinking ways to attract customers and expand our portfolio, but equipping customers with the knowledge necessary to make more informed health decisions. This will only come from a fundamental shift in thinking at all levels, from individual consumers to healthcare and advocacy organizations. We’ve purposefully and thoughtfully selected strategists, researchers and experts from the consumer health industry to establish a seasoned team that will make smart investment decisions and navigate the evolving consumer market with the bigger goal of creating unprecedented change.

DSN: Tell us about Avrio Health’s brands.
CC: Our key platforms for growth are infection resilience, digestive wellness and health supplements, and our brands include well-known and trusted Betadine, Colace, Senokot, and SlowMag Mg magnesium supplement.

We relaunched Betadine for wound care in the U.S. market late last year, positioning Betadine as the first line of defense against a broad spectrum of germs and bacteria for minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. With a refreshed look and feel and a multi-faceted consumer campaign, we’ve experienced tremendous momentum and expect the energy to continue throughout this year with various efforts designed to engage and interact with priority audiences in compelling ways.

With an uptick in consumers’ interest in natural alternatives in all segments of consumer healthcare, we are excited about the recent addition of two new innovative supplements to our Senokot family of products: Kiwi Balance and Ginger Care. Kiwi Balance is a daily supplement clinically proven and patent protected to support regularity without bloating or gas, and Ginger Care helps relieve upset stomach and nausea. Both, like other Senokot brand products, contain natural ingredients.

DSN: What do retailers need to do to help market the product?
CC: The success of Avrio Health’s underlying strategy hinges on successful strategic partnerships with retailers and our ability to leverage the unique strengths of our individual retail partners to co-develop meaningful experiences that meet the needs of our shared consumers.

We are uniquely positioned to create opportunities for growth across all retail partners due to our portfolio of clinically proven brands and innovative offerings. With a true 360-degree partnership approach, we continue to redefine our custom merchandising strategy to drive accelerated sales for our partners. Our investments in traditional in-store vehicles as well as external PR, marketing, digital and educational consumer platforms will continue to drive new shoppers into our retail partner outlets.

DSN: What does the future look like?
CC: We plan to bring innovation to segments of the business that have not seen growth in a number of years through transparency and collaboration. Avrio has the benefit of operating as a nimble, fast-moving organization, allowing us to dream big, identify and execute opportunities with partners in new and unique ways, and affording us the ability to customize our approach based on each individual retailer’s needs so that, together, we help grow your business faster. Our team of experts will help to identify products that will expand categories and deliver accelerated growth for retailers in both first aid and the digestive health space. We’re excited to make a major impact on improving consumers’ lives in meaningful ways through continued innovation and accelerated retail partnerships in order to drive growth across all relevant health platforms. For more information, visit AvrioHealth.com.

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