Q&A: Handy work


GoJo is gearing up for the 2012-2013 cough-cold season with a new lineup of Purell hand sanitizers, a factor that breathes new life into a commoditized category. Drug Store News caught up with Tim Cleary, sales VP for Purell Consumer, for the scoop on the relaunch.

DSN: Since H1N1, hand sanitizing has been a very private label-dominated, commoditized category. What is the opportunity for retailers in the current environment?

Tim Cleary: Brands are important. They drive categories and, if developed, will provide more reasons for consumer purchasing at a higher dollar ring. ... In addition, retailers will gain incremental business with products for new usage occasions, such as with our portable 
on-the-go products.

DSN: What are the points of difference with your upgraded Purell Advanced line?

Cleary: [With the] more effective Purell Advanced formula, one squirt kills as many germs as two squirts of any other national brand. That’s better germ control and better value for the sanitizer purchase. ... And because it includes skin conditioners and also is clinically proven to maintain skin moisture, we believe nonusers will try it, too. Nurses who sanitize up to 30 times per day have told us that they love this new product.



The article above is part of the DSN Category Review Series. For the complete Cough-Cold & Allergy Buy-In Report, including extensive charts, data and more analysis, click here.

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