Queen Bee Sauce launches eczema, psoriasis solution


PAGOSA SPRINGS, Colo. Queen Bee Sauce on Thursday announced the launch of its Tamanu Oil, a topical cream that reduces eczema, psoriasis and seasonal dry skin irritation.

One dram of Tamanu retails for a suggested $12, the company stated.

According to the company, the chemical components of Tamanu Oil—calophylloloids, calophyllic acid and benzoic and oxi-benzoic acids—help to restore and regenerate skin tissue. Acting as an antiseptic and astringent with antimicrobial and antiviral properties, Tamanu Oil is useful for promoting new skin cell formation, soothing eczema-ridden skin, reducing scarring and softening scar tissue, remedying psoriasis and minimizing redness and inflammation during healing.

Queen Bee Sauce's Tamanu Oil is refined by cold press in Madagascar, without harsh heat-refinement, giving a fresh and safe skin care solution.

Dark green and luxurious, Tamanu Oil is thick and rich, yet readily and completely absorbs into the skin, leaving no oily residue or unsightly shine behind.

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