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RB intros Mucinex Cold & Flu All in One

Reckitt Benckiser’s Mucinex is bringing a new addition to its lineup to shelves. Mucinex Cold & Flu All in One. The product is a multi-symptom formula the brand said tackles headache and body pain, nasal congestion and sinus pressure, cough and chest congestion and sore throat and fever.

“Mucinex Cold & Flu All in One provides a single, convenient solution for nine cold and flu symptoms, so people can get back to being their superhero selves during these busy fall and winter months,” said Brian Dolan, Mucinex equity lead. “When you’re sick and feeling miserable, it’s really best to stay home and recover, but we all know that life goes on and many people refuse to take sick lying down. Mucinex Cold & Flu All in One can be a secret weapon for those moments.”

Alongside the product launch, Mucinex shared the results of a recent survey that found that more 63% of respondents said they would hide cold and flu symptoms to not miss out on doing what they want to do. However, 82% of those surveyed said they wish people they see out and about with cold and flu symptoms had stayed home.

The brand has partnered with Minka Kelly — who is set to play Dove in the superhero TV show “Titans” — to share how the new product helps fight symptoms.

“My work and travel schedule means I’m more likely to get sick at a time when I can’t let a cold or flu get in my way,” Kelly said. “When you get sick, it’s never just one thing – there are always multiple symptoms trying to get in your way. Mucinex Cold & Flu All in One relieves nine signs of the cold and flu to help you get back to being your superhero self.”

Mucinex Cold & Flu All in One currently is available at major retailers, including CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart and Target.
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