Relevo Labs introduces Touch Germ Blocker


CARMEL, Ind. — Relevo Labs recently introduced a new hand sanitizer that promises to protect against germs for up to six hours after application called Touch Germ Block.

People don't apply sun block after they've been sunburned, Relevo Labs noted, and so too people shouldn't apply hand sanitizer after they've encountered germs. The Touch Germ Block formula, which is alcohol-free, has improves upon the standard hand sanatizer in three key ways, according to the company.

First, traditional hand sanitizers are no longer effective once they dry, which means they need to be reapplied every time a user touches something, the company claims. Second, each application of Touch Germ Block softens and conditions hands with a special blend of essential oils and skin softeners. Finally, Touch Germ Block’s portable aerosol spray is easy to use and it distributes the product onto the surface of the skin more uniformly.

“Touch is revolutionary because it provides long-term protection unlike traditional hand sanitizers that protect against germs only during application and shortly after,” stated Brian Southard, CEO Relevo Labs. “Now, throughout the day, you can press elevator buttons or open doors and continually be protected from germs.”

Available in four fragrances, including oceanmist, tropical breeze, mint green tea aloe and unscented, Touch Germ Block retails for $5.99 and is currently available at Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy and Meijer.

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