Researchers find link between vitamin D and obesity


CHICAGO Researchers found that body mass index should be considered when assessing a cancer patient’s vitamin D status after discovering obese cancer patients had significantly lower levels of vitamin D, compared with non-obese patients.

Despite data from researchers at Cancer Treatment Centers for America, this supposed correlation between vitamin D and obesity remains uncertain because conflicting data exists.

"Currently, the dietary recommendations for vitamin D do not take into account a patient's BMI," said Carolyn Lammersfeld  national director of nutrition for CTCA and a principal investigator in the study. "We investigated the relationship between vitamin D and BMI in a large sample of cancer patients and found that as BMI groups increased from normal to overweight or obese classifications, there was a significant decrease in vitamin D."

According to the study that CTCA presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology's annual meeting May 29 to June 2, obese cancer patients have significantly lower levels of vitamin D, and more aggressive vitamin D supplementation should be considered in obese cancer patients.

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