Rite Aid introduces interactive higi health stations across the chain


CHICAGO — Higi on Tuesday announced an agreement with Rite Aid to become the sole provider of health stations in stores nationwide. The company will deploy approximately 4,100 higi Stations across the United States beginning in the second quarter of 2014 and projects completion of the rollout by early 2015. 

With the availability of higi Stations in Rite Aid stores, both Rite Aid customers and associates will be able to conveniently measure their weight, BMI, pulse and blood pressure with the additional ability of having this data securely stored in their private higi online account for ongoing reference and progress comparison. By using their local higi kiosk regularly, Rite Aid customers and associates will also likely see an increase in their “higi Score,” a proprietary measurement exclusive to higi that positively recognizes each users increased engagement with their health. 

“We are very excited to be expanding higi on a national level through this new relationship with Rite Aid,” Jim Farrell, president of higi, said. “Our primary goal is to help people take an active role in their personal health and well-being. Now Rite Aid customers and associates nationwide will be able to measure their personal body data through the higi Station and integrate that information into their lifestyle – allowing users to engage in their health in convenient and rewarding ways.”

“Rite Aid is pleased to be the first national drug store chain to select a health station provider like higi,” Dan Miller, Rite Aid SVP pharmacy, said. “Higi was chosen because of the high quality, ease of use and effectiveness higi Stations offer, which ultimately supports Rite Aid’s long term commitment to provide access to great health and wellness tools for our customers and associates.”

The higi Stations will encourage people to approach personal health from a broader perspective by focusing on lifestyle choices and community interactions along with standard aspects like diet and exercise. The tools produce a higi Score between one and 999, generated by a proprietary algorithm that measures a person’s body stats, social engagement and personal interactions. In addition to engaging with their score at higi Stations, higi users can also use the mobile app and higi website, which provide wellness-related content and activity tracking tools. 


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