Ritzman Pharmacy sponsors personalized aromatherapy workshops


WADSWORTH, Ohio – Ritzman Pharmacy earlier this week invited community members to take part in its next Ritzman Restores workshop series, where customers will create an essential oil bracelet.

“We’re excited to host the next series of these unique events for our customers to spend time learning something new that could benefit their overall health,’” stated Christina Cyrus, general manager marketing and brand development, Rizman. “We are committed to making each of our practices true neighborhood establishments that not only offer a place to gather but a place for personalized care, high-quality products and experiences that can’t be found elsewhere.”

"We believe in a holistic, well-rounded approach to our customers’ health,” added Beth Husted, Ritzman pharmacist. “These workshops provide the opportunity to do something creative and fun to restore the mind, body and spirit, which is so important to overall well-being.”

As part of the workshop, a Ritzman pharmacist will help guests learn how they may benefit from essential oils and create a stylish piece of aromatherapy jewelry using essential oils of their choice. These unique bracelets feature lava beads that guests will infuse with essential oils that are released throughout the day.

Cost for the event is $19.99 per person.

The event is part of Ritzman Pharmacy’s “Ritzman Restores,” program where community members are invited to take part in hands-on workshops to help stimulate their minds and support their overall wellness.


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