SinuCleanse launches Kids Mist pediatric line


MADISON, Wis. SinuCleanse on Wednesday announced the launch of its pediatric line extension Kids Mist.

“For newborns and children under the age of six, products to help with nasal congestion and other sinus or allergy-related symptoms are very limited,” stated Diane Heatley, founder of SinuCleanse. “The Kids Mist from SinuCleanse [helps] fill that void.”

The Kids Mist from SinuCleanse delivers a super-fine saline mist and contains 200 doses. “The mist gently moisturizes the inside of a child’s nose, thinning nasal secretions and clearing them from the nose and sinuses,” said Heatley. “The design prevents germs from being drawn into the bottle from the nose, so the Kids Mist doesn’t become contaminated … and, because of the tube, nothing is being inserted fully into the nose, preventing irritation of the inside of the nose.”

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