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Star Nutrition launches arm, calf sleeves designed to increase circulation


CHICO, Calif. — Star Nutrition on Wednesday added the TEC-3 arm and calf sleeves to its Incrediwear line. Engineered from an Italian 3-D weaving machine and utilizing Carbonized Charcoal Anion Technology, the 360-thread count TEC-3 is designed to increase circulation to the arms and calves, while decreasing fatigue, swelling and recovery time.

"The TEC-3 is already loved by many championship athletes around the world," stated Star Nutrition CEO Jackson Corley. "They are using the sleeve because it helps them train harder and longer, as well as recover faster from their workouts," he said. "The TEC-3 is also our thinnest sleeve available so it allows for a premium release of negative ions and maximum benefit to the athlete."

Among the athletes currently using the TEC-3 are Morrocan runner Aissa Dghougi, MMA professional trainer Kevin Kearns, championship snowboarder Terje Haakonsen, professional rock climber Ivan Greene, four-time Olympic Judo competitor and bronze medalist Mike Swain, 2012 U.S. Judo Olympic bronze medalist Marti Malloy and eighth-degree Karate black belt Pat Haley, the company announced.

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