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STDs becoming more prevalent across baby boomer demographic


PITMAN, N.J. — According to an article in the November/December issue of the journal Medical-Surgical Nursing, rates of HIV/AIDS, herpes, syphilis, human papilloma virus and other STDs are climbing steadily across men and women older than 50 years. 

"Unfortunately, the common misconception still persists that people over 50 are no longer sexually active," stated co-authors Lisa Jeffers and Mary DiBartolo. "As a result, healthcare providers often do not discuss risky sexual behaviors and STD prevention with middle-aged and older adults."

Jeffers and DiBartolo said some experts believe this age group is more sexually active than previous generations thanks to erectile dysfunction medications and hormone replacement.

"Initiatives need to be developed to assist older adults in coping with a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS and other STDs," the authors wrote.

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