Study affirming efficacy of OTC PE treatment to be presented at AUA annual meeting


MIAMI — The Female Health Company/Veru Healthcare on Tuesday announced that a clinical study of its proprietary OTC product PreBoost (topical 4% benzocaine wipes) for the management of premature ejaculation will be presented at the American Urological Association 2017 Annual Meeting May 12–16 in Boston.

“We are honored to present final clinical trial results of PreBoost and to be included for the press program at this year’s AUA Annual Meeting,” stated Mitchell Steiner, president and CEO The Female Health Company/Veru Healthcare. “To be included in the AUA Press Conference Program, an abstract undergoes a rigorous selection process to ensure it is newsworthy, scientifically sound and ready for presentation to the general public. We believe the data demonstrates the efficacy of PreBoost and supports our objective to aid in men’s health.”

The abstract was one of 30 abstracts selected from more than 3,000 to be included in the 2017 AUA Press Conference Program, according to the company. PreBoost is a new OTC male genital desensitizer used for the treatment of PE and is currently available in the U.S.  


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