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Study: Resveratrol alone not enough to prolong life


SAN DIMAS, Calif. According to a recent study, consumers hoping to benefit from the red wine supplement resveratrol should take an array of antioxidants with resveratrol for optimum results—a mega-dose of resveratrol administered to mice by itself failed to prolong life, the study concluded.

"While resveratrol, an antioxidant molecule concentrated in red wine, is touted for its health properties, it is not the sole molecule responsible for longevity," stated Bill Sardi, spokesperson for Longevinex, a leading brand of resveratrol dietary supplement, in a statement released Saturday.

"The total array of red wine molecules found in the best red wine, about 60 milligrams per 5-ounce glass, or 180-300 milligrams in 3 to 5 glasses, is the suggested healthy dosage range," Sardi said.

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