Sunpeaks Ventures debuts TV spot for blood-thinner-friendly multivitamin


SILVER SPRING, Md. — Sunpeaks Ventures last week announced national advertising support behind its Clotamin multivitamin line — a line of supplements formulated for use by patients on warfarin or other blood thinners.

"Until now, Clotamin has never been the focus of any consumer marketing," stated Mackie Barch, Sunpeaks CEO. "The product's popularity has been built solely through positive word of mouth from our customers and through pharmacies that already carry the product."

The commercial is expected to premiere on select cable stations on April 2 and can be previewed here.

The company announced distribution gains through both and Navarro Discount Pharmacies earlier this month.

Sunpeaks Ventures noted that the global anticoagulants market is projected to surpass $11.2 billion by 2015, driven by an aging global population, rising incidence of cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and acute hip and knee complications, as well as emergence of innovative therapeutics targeting new and previously targeted clotting factors.

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