Survey: Almost 2-in-3 adults experience ‘monkey butt’

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Survey: Almost 2-in-3 adults experience ‘monkey butt’

By Michael Johnsen - 09/18/2015



TREVOSE, Pa. - Three in five adults have experienced chafing and irritation on their skin according to a new survey commissioned by Anti Monkey Butt released Thursday. Among those who have experienced this discomfort, more than two thirds (68%) say this occurs most in their nether regions, including the buttocks and inner thighs.


"If you've experienced regular chafing and irritation 'down there' then you've experienced what's known as monkey butt, but don't go bananas," said Jennifer Moyer, VP marketing for Clarion Brands, the distributor of Anti Monkey Butt. "We're on a mission to save the butts and allow men and women do their favorite activities and not have to worry about uncomfortable friction."


The survey, conducted by Nielsen, found that the most common activities to cause chafing and irritation in the nether regions were cited as walking (26%), exercising (25%), running (21%) and outdoor activities (21%) such as horseback riding or hiking. In addition, men and women are urged to take extra caution during warm summer months when the chances of getting monkey butt are heightened.


Soreness, chafing, redness, itching, and irritability aren't just occurring in the nether regions. A handful of survey respondents claimed this is happening in other areas as well: under their arms (20%), feet (19%), hands (11%) and nipples (6%).