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Survey finds families missing out on nutrients


EDISON, N.J. Nearly 50% of respondents to a survey about dietary supplement habits feel that they or their families are missing out on essential nutrients in their daily diets, and the majority, 63%, believe they are missing omega-3s, essential fatty acids.

“Supplementation is an important option to help Americans achieve the nutrients they need in order to reduce the impact of chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease,” stated Joseph Brasco of the Center for Colon and Digestive Disease. “It is essential that the public be provided with simple and easy-to-understand information about purity and the source of product, appropriate dosing and how and when to add supplements to a healthy diet so that we can better use nutrition to stave off disease.”

However, even as consumers are aware they are missing omega 3s from their diet, only 26% of consumers and their families take a fish oil, a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. Cost, lack of perceived need and confusion are primary barriers for consumers when deciding to take dietary supplements, such as fish oil.

Of those who take fish oil supplements as an additional source for omega 3 fatty acids, 94% look for assurances of purity as the most important factor when choosing a particular supplement.

The survey was conducted by Equation Research on behalf of Croda, an ingredient manufacturer of omega 3 fish and plant oil concentrates.

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